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Beating the Summer Heat: 5 Tips for getting Heat Stroke ☀️

1. Carry out a removal in 30 degrees

2. Continuously walk up and down stairs

3. Ensure items you are carrying are heavy

4. Wear black to attract the heat (but they do dry quick)

5. Forget the water

Seriously... the day wasn't that bad, despite the hot beaming sun and many, many steps that had to be climbed whilst carrying heavy items. We managed to get through the day quite well in this summer heat.

A very hot day at least the bunting lightens the mood so hot

This sweltering day took us to North Devon, Pilton, which was quite surreal. Set in a little quiet quaint village with all the bunting, we couldn't have asked for a nicer location. Fortunately there was a nice large parking spot right opposite the property with plenty of room behind the vehicle. Very fortunate as it's on a main high street.

Phil Ford Afordable Services man and van on a hot summer day

Despite our experience with the heat, the van was loaded within a couple of hours with all furniture wrapped in blankets and strapped (as always). Mattress protected and fragile items stored safely. Thank goodness for my retractable ratchet straps. Saving time with no messing about untangling. Again I question myself "How did I cope without them?"

House move in Devon we also offer clearances based near Honiton

Luckily we didn't need the defibrillator stored in the Telephone Box, but we were a little close at times. Just when we thought all was loaded, "There are some garden items in the back garden."

Then back down to Exmouth. This was less fortunate with no parking and having to go up two flights of stars to a packed storage room.

Despite nearly getting heat stroke in this summer heat, we do this because we love doing it and enjoy traveling around the country. Please give us a call for a free quote 😊

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