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Moving made easy.

I finally managed to get some pics of us moving an American Fridge Freezer. They can be very tricky, not only in size but weight. We make this easier and safer by using lifting straps. Most items can be carried, but we have been using these for a very long time not only for fridge freezers but for sofas and many other heavy and cumbersome items. All the weight goes onto the legs rather than the back. And when moving a lot of items in one day, this is a great piece of kit to have.

The same as all our equipment, they are always on the van ready for use. I know I've mentioned about the foot buttons on the tail lift before, but these are so useful when your holding something that you can't put down.

Going through doorways is made easy when you only have to guide the item ensuring there are no obstacles in the way. Not only do they save your back and make it easier to navigate, on the bonus side it's a lot quicker too.

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