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Safestore Exeter to Colyton Devon.

Well... what can I say... It was a very nice load onto our two van from Safestore as this is the first time loading from the ground floor and not using the lift. Safestore has excellent undercover access with lovely staff on hand to help.

This is where it got a little tricky. As you can see from the pic below the access was appalling. Just behind the Luton van there are a set or narrow steps which lead to the narrow bushy path along the from of the gardens.The house we had to deliver to was the pink one. Well.. we had to get the customer in their new home so items were pout onto trollies at the top of the steps and wheeled to the gate where we carried them in. This took some time but again tea was on tap and the customers were great.

It was a very long day but everyone happy and left knowing we had another satisfied customer.

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