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Keeping Hydrated on your Moving Day

Heading out the door at Six was a nice cool start to the day with a three hour journey ahead of us to Sussex. It wasn't too bad going up, the usual congestion around Stone Henge. We were greeted by a lovely family of three with two cats.

Full house move Sussex

Parking was good as we could park on the grass and get close to the gate.

Starting from upstairs down, unfortunately the first item being a wardrobe wouldn't come down as the angle of stairs was too awkward. The top came off and downstairs it came. Everything else was a regular move apart from one item... a dinning table. Normally these are one of the more simpler items to move. The top alone was very heavy. Tools on board and made easy taking the legs off, the table was in the van. The sun was beaming down. The chap on the radio mentioned "if your unfortunate to get a little cloud"... Well we really would have appreciated a little cloud at this point.

Moving home made easy with Afordable Services doing all the carrying for you

Several water breaks along the way and the vans are loaded.

We can never decide if we should go down the M4 - M5 or just suck it up and do the A303. We chose the A303... it added one hour onto our journey but we got to our destination in plenty of time.

Afordable Services removals on the road again Devon

Back down to Devon. Again unloading was really good with the two vans parked right outside the door. A beautiful location in Uffculme and were fortunate to actually have a little cloud.

Unloading the vehicles in Uffculme Devon with two van for the complete house move

After an early start we were finished by 6.30pm. Time to go home for a shower and a cup of tea,

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