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A few tips to help your move go smoother

Afordable Services Making the Move


Moving home can be a daunting time... Consisting of packing, transporting lots of different objects of different value, shape and size; from one location to another. It’s enough selling, buying and renting homes, it’s no wonder we often give little time thinking exactly what will or will not be moved to your new home. That's why we move you carefully and protect your belongings giving you peace of mind to put your feet up.

Just before you complete and move in, you're packing boxes, sorting final bills and booking moving vans; but what else do you need to know about the place you're moving to?

It's nice to know that after you’ve moved, everything is in place and all you

have to do is unpack. In this guide we will give you some points to help you

get straight before you make that move.

We've created a basic moving guide to help you with some of those things that can be easily forgotten. Moving house can be a very stressful time but it shouldn't be. Moving home carefully and mindfully costs less in the end.



Questions to Ask Sellers: To make your life easier remember to ask the previous owner these questions:

• Where's the main stopcock (to shut off the water)?

• Where are the gas and electricity meters?

• Do any surfaces need special cleaning products, eg wooden floors?

• What day are the bins collected?

• Do you have any instruction manuals or warranties on electrical items?

• Which company supplies the energy, broadband and home phone?

• Where is the thermostat?

It's a lot to remember, so why not write them down and take them with you so you don't forget?



Redirect Your Post: If you don't know who is moving into the property you are leaving, use the Royal Mail's Postal Redirection service. Ensure that any bills or other mail you've not changed your address on, still reaches you. You can get post redirected for 3, 6 or 12 months, and longer if you're still getting

volumes of post through after your initial period is up. It costs from £29.99

(for three months) per surname, so couples may need to pay twice.

Remember that if mail isn't redirected, you need to call the sender and either

update your address or ask to be taken off its mailing list.

It's important to do this - any bills you don't get and therefore don't pay can damage your credit record, or result in you being traced by a debt collection company. Stray letters can also increase the risk of ID fraud.

When you receive your redirected mail, phone the sender then. Any mail redirected thereafter you know it needs your attention.

Keep lightbulbs to hand just in case


Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, but a little planning can help ensure you're not tearing your hair out on the day.

Label all boxes: with which room you want them to go, and a description of what's inside. Put these labels on the top and side of the box so you know what's inside when they're stacked. It helps to write on the tape, not only does this prolong the life of the pen but enable you to recycle the boxes. You may want to give them to someone you know who is also moving.

Be prepared: Put screws and bolts from furniture in freezer bags and tie or stick it to the relevant piece of furniture with a rubber band or peel-able tape.

Protect your flooring: Flatten some cardboard boxes and lay them down to protect your flooring.

Let there be light: Have a couple of spare light bulbs, there may be some missing in your new home. You don't want to have to goto the shops mid-move or not notice when it's dark.

It might seem like a bit of extra work beforehand, but you'll be thankful when it comes to unpacking.

Scrapbooking is a great way to store your sentimental items


Declutter: Before you even start packing, take a good look at all your belongings and get rid of anything you don't need. If ever there is a time to be ruthless rather than sentimental, this is it. Make three piles for your unwanted items: Donate, Sell and Bin. You could hold a garage sale or do a car-boot sale if the season is right, and whats left over take to charity. Things that are sentimental and are small and flat, scrapbooking is a great way to hold your memories close.

Go through your clothes and give to Charity

Pack early: All the items that aren’t used on a daily basis, start boxing them. Gradually work your way up to the things you use on a weekly basis. This allows you to get ahead without the feeling that you'r missing the necessities. Eg: If it's winter pack your summer clothes and so on.

Start with the rooms you least use, like the Attic (loft).


Pack one room at a time: Doing this will help you stay organised and will tell the movers which box goes where.

Start with rooms that you least use: Makes sense to do the Attic or spare room first, then work your way through the house.

Do not over pack boxes: This will help with manual lifting and reduces damage to your belongings.

Moving tips to aid your move go more smoothly

Fill empty gaps: If you have any empty spaces pad it our with old newspapers, rags or if you have enough of them, towels and cushions where you can.

Label your boxes: Write on the tape on the top of the boxes to help them to be recycled.

room/area and clearly mark if fragile.

Use double walled boxes where possible: Single walled boxes are a little flimsy, so use these for light items only if you have to.

Wrap everything individually - but not the dog :)

Wrap everything individually: This reduces movement in the box, preventing excess damage. Im not saying wrap your dog in a blanket, but you want your belongings to be safe in the box.

Put heavier boxes on the bottom: By putting your heavy boxes underneath the lighter boxes, you help prevent breaking fragile items that may get crushed.

Create an unpacking entertainment box

Getting ready for the move day

Create an unpacking entertainment box: This consists of plugs, chargers and games consoles, music, speakers and beverages, so you can unpack listening to your favourite music. Once you've had enough of unpacking, sit back with a good book or plug in your games console.

Prepare a box of essentials: this box should maybe contain: Snacks, canned and boxed food; Apart from the Kettle, hot beverage supplies and biscuits. Load the Kettle etc on leaving.

  • Can opener

  • Eating utensils

  • Pots and pans

  • Towels and dishcloth

  • Toiletries

  • Baby supplies

  • Pet food, lead and poo bags (if you have one)

  • First aid kit and medication if required

  • Tool box.

Pack for a small getaway, about three days minimum

Pack for a small getaway: After a long day of moving, the last thing you're going to want to do is rifle through boxes to find your toothbrush and clean underwear. So what we suggest is to pack a suite case as if your were going on a short break for three days. It's a lot easier to live out of a suite case for a couple of days while you unpack the rest of your possessions at your leisure.

Removals Brew and Lunch Hamper - Afordable Services

These few tips should help. Afordable Services offer a Brew and Lunch Hamper. On your moving day it's very easy to pack your tea and coffee making facilities away and not feed yourself during the day. That's why we thought we would make life a little easier. A hamper including Kettle, mugs, sandwich, cupcake and more to make your day a little less complicated. Giving you more time to concentrate on your move in to your new home.

Take with you in your car all monies, jewellery and small valuables

On the Move Day

Take with you in your car all monies, jewellery and small valuables.

Keep all keys to your house, garage and sheds handy and labelled for the new owners.

When the removers have finished, do a walk round check with them to ensure nothing has been left that needs to be taken.

Afordable Services offer a complete moving service

Afordable Services offer a full packing service with Removals and Man and Van hire.

We can even unpack you in your new home and take all the packing Materials away with us. Give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Take a look at our Packing Materials for supplies if you'r packing yourself. The vans are fully equipped with blankets, ratchet straps, bungees, sack truck, lifting straps and tool bag for all your moving needs.

We would love to hear from you.

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