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Removals Service or Man with a Van?

From the start Man with a Van (man and Van) is traditionally "A man who supplies you with a Van to load." They will drive to your collection address and as you load the van they will pack it. Once everything is on board, drive to your Delivery address, they then pass you the items for you to put away in your new home. If this is the service that they are going to provide, you should be told. If extra help is required you may be charged extra on the spot.

We feel that one of the main differences between a Removals Company and Man with a Van trader advertising them self for Removals, is a Removals Company has a set Team that provide a consistent standard of work that the business owner is happy with. On the other hand Man with a Van will probably hire extra help where he can for the day. This only promotes inconsistency with not only performance, but trust and reliability concerns.

This is why we feel passionately about Removals as this has happened to us in our past years and know how horrid it feels.


Here we will let you know what we think the Removals Companies offer in comparison to Man and Van Services:

Not knowing to choose Man and Van Or a Removals Company can be difficult.

Fully Insured

It’s rare that you’ll find a removals company that isn’t fully insured. It’s important to do your fact checking if you’re opting for a man and van service. Ensuring your man with a van has insurance is essential, otherwise, you will not be able to claim if anything gets damaged in transport. Removals Companies, on the other hand, should all be insured. Be aware of small man and Van companies who perceive themselves as a Removals Company, but using Hire Vehicles. Your Goods in Transit are not covered and are probably driving them illegally as they may not have Hire and Reward Insurance when using Hired Vehicles.

If trailers are being used, are they insured? Are they covered to use them for Hire and Reward purpose?

Professional Removal Companies will not (and should not) move your hazardous goods, gas bottles etc. If these are being transported with your furniture, your goods will not be covered by the insurance provided.

Removals Company take care and time to ensure your moved in comfortably.

Offer More

You may find that when it comes to your moving day, your man with a van isn’t quite big enough, which could result in two trips and therefore, more money spent and a much longer day.

We at Afordable Services offer a couple of removal vans to accommodate to your individual needs. This means that you won’t have to pay for an extra van that’s inappropriate for your move. Take a look at our vans page for more information. We will always endeavour to come out and view your property to ensure there are no hidden surprises on the day.

Trust a family business to do your move for you using our Removals team.

Placing you in their Hands

Not every man with a van service will come with adequate security features, which is why you’ll have to do some research and speak to them to ensure that you’ll be happy with them transporting your valuable items from A to B. Both our vans are sign written, insured, and we are DBS (CRB) Checked. Afordable Services offer a packaging service to ensure all of your most valuable possessions are packed safely and arrive safely. So if safety and security is something you prioritise, you may want to opt for our full packing service.


Experience and Trust

One of the most important aspects when arranging your move is picking a removals service you can trust and that has experience. Man with a van removals don’t have as good a reputation as professional removals companies because some are not insured, or have been in the business long enough to provide excellent service to their customers. Afordable Services has been established since 2013, and are always learning ways to improve. Some Man and Van services aren't around long enough to learn and better their service. Well... some Removals companies don't learn how to improve their service. Take a look at our Blog If I were looking for a Removals Company to learn more about how we feel about what we do. Experience and Trust is key when it comes to removals because customers want to work with companies who are veterans in their industry. Always look at their website and original Reviews to ensure that you are happy with the service they provide.


Why Choose Us?

Ultimately, choosing a trusted removals company will put your mind at rest on the moving day. Your moving day should not be stressful, the process of getting here is enough, and one of the most important factors to address is getting your items from A to B safely and efficiently. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you on your moving day, please get in touch via our Contact Page or give us a call on 01404 890194. We look forward to hearing from you :)

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