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Power through to what's left of Lockdown

Be good to yourself in what lockdown days are remaining!

Remember when they first announced lockdown and we had all those grand plans about getting fit, loosing weight, taking up a new hobby and all that? And... well we didn't really. The good news is we now have a few more weeks to do all that properly this time if you'r up for it. It's a great opportunity - let's see if we can help you make the most of it. The only thing I've maintained in is eating and drinking right, well... now and then.


Look after your body.

I know for sure we have to doing Removals so whilst on lockdown we are trying our best to keep our bodies ready. Decorating is a good one if you happen to have the materials at hand. We've been fortunate to have them but never had the time before. It's a great feeling when it's done too.

You only get one and now's a great time to give it some proper TLC. If you haven't been doing your daily exercise outside (while still maintaining social distancing), don't miss your opportunity to get running, walking, cycling. Meanwhile, back indoors, try something you might enjoy. Stairs are an instant gym if you have them. Become an expert in push-ups. You can even turn mundane tasks into good workouts - like deep-cleaning the house or putting on your t'shirt in a handstand (good luck with that one) I would like to think that you would be able to do a strong handstand before attempting this. Go on challenge yourself?


The Brain needs exercise too.

Now's your chance to give that muscle in your head a workout too. You might already be doing crosswords, sudokus, jigsaws, arts and crafts. But with all this extra time, why not try something a bit more ambitious? Lots of people are tackling knitting for the first time. And if the first thing you plan to do when this strange time is all over is book a flight away, how about learning a foreign language. I've been doing some painting as a new hobby.


Time to get mindful.

We're all kind of used to staying at home now, so we should know how to carve out some extra time for number one. There are loads on meditation, yoga and pilates apps or YouTube to get you in a more peaceful zone. Maybe you fancy broadening your horizons? Most of the major world museums now offer online tours. And of course one of the best tonics is friends and family video get-togethers. Pub quizzes, board games, book clubs or just a good old natter are your social life now. Even just simply pick up the phone. Make it a regular thing to look forward to. My wife cooks with her sister through face-time and then compare the outcomes. Everyones happy. Laughs and cake, happy days.


Everything's on Schedule.

I know how I hated routines, but now I have made them my friends. A bit of structure will put rhythm into your day. Try keeping a calendar or a diary if that works for you. Have a wash, get dressed, have a set time for some exercise. We stick to Monday to Friday we're doing something, just something. Then on the weekend, nothing... well apart from what has to be done of course. And if you're working from home, be sure to set up a little workstation away from it all, even if it's just a corner on the kitchen table.


"Whatever your ideas your friends and colleagues are doing to help them through all this, feel free to borrow. Simple little steps can really help you nail down Lockdown 2.0. This time you're really going to crack it. And remember, it's all to help us stay safe."


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