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Our Vehicles

We have two size vehicles that suite nearly every situation.

Office Moves and Storage solutions available

Our Vans

We have two Luton Low Loaders which are large in space, yet suitable for most rural areas.


All measurements are approximate so please take this into consideration when booking your vans.

Luton Low Loader

BOX SPACE: H:8ft  W:6ft 9inc  L:13ft 3inc approx

Max Weight: 1 Ton (load weight bearing)

External Measurements: H:11ft  L:22ft  W:7.5ft approx

Equipped with:

  • Ratchet Straps

  • Bungies

  • 3 in one sack truck

  • Tool box

  • Padded protection for white goods.

  • Waterproof carry bags for mattress, sofas and armchairs.

  • Padded protection TV cover - up to 55"


We also have a Balingo which is ideal for those smaller jobs. 

The space can also take a couple of 8ft narrow items like doors for example.
BOX SPACE: H:4ft  W:4ft 11inc  L:5ft approx (8ft x 2ft included)
Max Weight: 600 kg
External Measurements: H:6ft  L:15.2ft  W:6ft approx
Group vans
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