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Please note that this service is only available 16mile radius approx to Dunkeswell

Handy Man Dunkeswell
Perhaps you’r giving your bedroom a full-on makeover and you’ve ordered a new comfy bed, bigger wardrobes for more storage and some floating shelves. Now it’s time to assemble everything and you simply cannot find enough time to do it – it’s okay, we can assemble all the units you require so you can have a good night’s sleep without anything to worry about.
Painting and dec

Painting and Decorating

To continue your room makeover, why not think about painting the room? We can paint the interior of your home and the outside (weather pending). Wooden furniture not going to been in keeping, we can paint furniture to give your room that special pop of colour.

crib flat pack

Flat Pack Furniture

Flat pack furniture might have that ability to raise your anxieties to an extrordinary level or even be the reason for one of the biggest arguments you’ve had with your loved one – all because of that flat-pack chair that just didn’t seem to fit together. Sometimes flat-pack furniture feels impossible to do, but we can assemble it for you, so you have more time relaxing with your favourite drink and a great movie.

Shelf Handy Man


Are all of your games pilling up on the floor? Perhaps your collection of books is simply stacked on top of a piece of furniture? It’s time to put up a shelf – you know it, we know it. Hanging up a bookshelf or any other type of shelf is very straight forward, however, they need to be properly secured, correctly positioned and, of course, perfectly level. We can do this for you.

curtian pole

Curtain Poles

Perhaps you’ve asked your friend or partner to help mount the curtain pole track and/or rail, however, they got busy and couldn’t help you finish the job. Don’t worry, at Afordable Services we can give you a helping hand attaching the curtains effectively and in a timely manner. Besides us attaching a pair of curtains to the pole, we can cut curtain poles to size and hang the curtain pole rail to complete our curtain fitting. If we wall mounted your curtain pole, why not get us to finish the job properly and actually hang the curtains?


Give us a call today  for your free quote and to work out a plan for all your needs.

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