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Vintage delivery to Kew Gardens

Our day started at three in the morning... now this is seriously stupid O'Clock. Traveling up to Kew Gardens, London for an eight O'Clock delivery. You can never predict the traffic and we didn't want to take any chances as it was very time specific.

Luckily at this time of the day the roads were quiet and had a smooth journey until the outskirts of London. On arriving at Kew Gardens we had to wait to be escorted onto the premises. I had to be a quick unload as the gates would be open to the Public.

We delivered prop furniture from Virginias Vintage Hire. Ginny and Greg who own the company have a vast range of furniture and accessories for hire for any occasion. On this one it was a promotional event.

Quiet Mark and Kew Gardens were hosting a Preview of the Quiet Mark Treehouse with one-off open-air woodland cinema screening of critically acclaimed In Pursuit of Silence feature-film to celebrate Quiet Mark’s fifth birthday milestone and the film’s UK DVD release this July.

It really is an impressive building, not only from the outside but within. So quiet and tranquil. Then back in the van and on to the next job... which was also in London. But just a quick pick up and delivery of one item.

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