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Removals from Bath, Somerset to Kingsbridge, Devon.

Today we had the pleasure of helping a lovely lady move from Bath in Somerset to Kingsbridge in Devon. Both of which are beautiful areas here in England.

Lucky for us the weather was in our favour, despite the wind warnings. Didn't manage to take a photo of the sun with the sand from the Sahara, but it was very visible in the morning. Creeping into the afternoon traveling to Kingsbridge the wind soon picked up. This was proving not a great day to be traveling to the coast where warnings were to stay away from.

Whilst doing a Removals service moving home a view of the lake Kingsbridge

Once there it all calmed down a little and moving furniture was not such a challenge.

On arrival at Kingsbridge home move


It was a good day all round with great views all round. Love it when we goto new destinations.

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