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Honiton Devon to Croydon South London

This was a long day. Luckily we had the privilege of loading some of the items onto the wagons the day before the move day leaving the customer with the main necessities. It was an early start but the weather was in our favour managing to leave at 10.30 in the morning for the long haul to Croydon.

On this occasion George and Iris were very well packed. I think they were already packed about a month in advance. This is always good practice when moving home as there is always stuff that you find you don t need or want to take with you.

On getting to Croydon there was a wait for the Key for a couple of hours. This does happen and is no ones fault. These things are always taken into account when we book jobs as we feel that the customer shouldn't feel pressured or stressed. The job gets done when we finish at no extra charge, only peace of mind.

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