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Moving home made easy - Ivybridge to Dartmoor

Another beautiful day for a full house Removal. This time from Ivybridge to Dartmoor. Luckily we have the Luton Size vans for the narrow country roads. Had we used anything bigger we wouldn't have been able to help as the vehicle would have been too wide for the destination. The customer had a blind cat which had to be kept in one area, so caution was made to ensure the cat didn't go where he shouldn't.

Three men and two vans helping a single lady move from Ivybridge Devon to Dartmoor

Loading we were able to park the vans side by side allowing us to put pack the vans accordingly as we went along.

American Fridge Freezers can always be a little tricky moving out easily. That's why we have padded covers to protect the goods and Lifting straps to enable us to move the Fridge Freezer easily out of the property and onto the vehicle.

With the aid of a tail lift on the Van this is made easy work with foot pedals to enable us to move up into the van without having to put the goods down.

Moving home made simple with Afordabl services

It's so nice to have the privilege moving someone when the sun is shining rather the it pouring with rain. Not to mention getting some great Blog photos.

Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic having to take to long way round through the city, but it was soon made up by the stunning views across Dartmoor. Unloading was one van at a time due to tight parking, but this took no time due to the equipment we have to make it go more smoothly.

Moving the ladys furniture into her new home in Devon

Three loads in total and we had managed to get all of the customers goods and all of the pot plants and garden furniture to the new home.

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