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How three Generations can live on one plot.

I love my job, every move is different. As a family business we hold family values very closely, and when a gentleman asked us to move him and then his parents, what an absolute pleasure. The setup was three generations (parents, son and grandson) all living in a large farmhouse and barn conversion, converted into three homes. It's so nice that families still want to make this decision and all live together, well almost together.

Afordable Services Removals on the road with two vans and three men providing a complete moving service in and around Devon

Unfortunately we were unable to move one of the sons .His move was all on the same day.


Family One

Adrian, Leon and myself moved Tim and wife (Phil) from Dunkeswell, to a lovely large home near Plymouth on the edge of Dartmoor. Tucked away from all the hustle and bustle it is the perfect location for anyone. Tim moved from a 3 Bed house where we were able to get everything into the Box Luton and the Low Loader Luton.

Tim and his wife were lovely to work for and offered us a cup of tea, but unfortunately they had packed the kettle. If you think this may happen to you, you take advantage of our "Brew and Lunch Hamper". It is such an easy thing to do when you'r on a mission packing, especially when doing the last few bits and pieces in the morning of the move day.


Move 2

Tania and I packed Tims parents over two days. Day one we packed the non essentials and little nicknacks, wrapped everything up in paper and bubble wrap and putting it all snugly into double walled boxes. Day two was boxing everything else ensuring Tims parents had their 3 day holiday bag ready so that they had all their essentials to hand should they need them when they get to their new home. We didn't pack the clothes, food and main kitchen equipment until the morning of the move. This gave them peace of mind that things weren't upside down when getting their breakfast ready. We wouldn't normally recommend this but as we were there to do packing, we incorporated this into the day.

Men and 2 Vans doing Removals in Honiton Devon

On the morning of the move, Adrian, Leon and Myself started packing the furniture and everything that was boxed onto the Vans and strapped everything in securely, whilst Tania packed the rest of the belongings. Sofas into waterproof carry bags and white goods into padded covers along with a padded cover for the television. Holly, their little Scotty dog had traveled up ahead of us with mum and dad. Having to travel just over one hour up the road it was a nice journey with no traffic jams or accidents.

Unloading made a nice change. Half of the items had to go into the Barn for storage whilst everything else was put into their new home.

Afordable Servicesl using waterproof sofa carry bags to deliver into the new home

Day four, all that was left to do was to collect up all the garden furniture, plants and anything left in the garage. The move had to be done over a two day period as any vehicle larger than ours wouldn't have got up onto their drive and round the country lanes.


Loving our job at Afordable Services doing Removals

Working with the Clewer family helped make the whole move enjoyable with their hospitality and friendliness. I love the fact that three generation are all living in one area of land with everyones dogs in tow.

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