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Packing and Moving home with pets trying to help

Moving this lovely family from Luppit to Newton Abbot was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. A little concerning at times but it comes with the territory.


The move had to be done over five days as the drive way was very narrow, and there was no way anything slightly larger than our vans was getting up there. "Very tight that's all I can say." There was packing and moving furniture everyday until everything was in Newton Abbot.

two moving vans parked outside of a regal home moving home service and packing

First let's tackle the elephant in the room, well... the 350Kg safe. This was carefully lifted onto piano trucks using our lifting straps and a lot of muscle work. Once on the trolly we wrapped it up in blankets and strapped it down nice and secure. We did not want it going any where. Once strapped up and ready to go we simply wheeled it up the ramp into the vans and secured it once more to the sides.

Phil and Leon Ford moving a very heavy safe with lifting straps onto piano wheels

The cat and dog were friendly and very inquisitive. Every time we turned our heads to move something one of them was either sat on packing materials or trying to steel them. The cat spent most it's time on or around the packing materials, whilst the dog just kept running off with the inner tubes from the wrap for the furniture. At one point we had a stowaway cat, well it tried to. We love this part of the job, animals just make the day a little more relaxed.

There was plenty of packing to be done, from very delicate antique crystal glasses to chandeliers. The very large planters in the conservatory took up a lot of space. These again, using the lifting straps were no worries getting them out and loaded onto the vehicles.

Leon Ford moving packing boxes in the orange room. We also had to move the plants in the background.

Most things were wrapped in bubble wrap and black wrap to protect it. It's great when things are taken away from the wall and you see the layers of wallpaper that was there before. Houses go through so many changes as they get changed into new homes over the years.

Afordable services parked with the two vans at the delivery destination

Unloading at the new home in Newton Abbot was more flexible as most things went into the outbuildings as they were downsizing. This made it more accommodating for getting settled in as unpacking everything all in one go can at times be very overwhelming.


What went into the new home, all the protective wrapping came off and what was accessible got unpacked. There was still a lot to be done but we couldn't help with that part if the journey. It was an enjoyable five days with lovely cups of coffee and cake.


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