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Removal from Reading to Cullompton

Large house in Cullompton Delivery destination Full house move

It's a massive pleasure to have met Linda and Ian last week. Moving them from a four bed home in Reading, Berkshire to a six bed in Cullompton, Devon. Both homes being very different.

This beautiful Cockapoo was an absolute delight to the household, keeping an eye on everyone as all of the homely goods got packed into the vans. She's so lovely. Only one problem... keeping her in one spot so she didn't get under our feet.

Beautiful black Cockerpoo on the bed takeing a rest from a full house move

Packing the vans from the first location was a bit of a handful as they had not moved home in twenty-five years, and we all know how settled in we get. It's a good thing to move once in a while, it forces you to de clutter if you'r not a creature of habit and do this anyway. Especially if you have a children who have grown up and moved out. It's very easy to hold onto the memories for them.

Complete moving service to Devon

Two vans needed on this occasion and everything was loaded on board. Although I must say on this occasion Ian had set a new record for the most boxes to come out of the house. But we always endeavour to move our customers no matter how long it takes.

I would like to thank Linda and Ian again for their hospitality with continuous cups of tea and cold drinks, pastries and sandwiches. It was greatly appreciated. It was a very long day from five in the morning to ten at night. A smooth move and everyone happy including the dog.

What was even more amazing, they donated an american fridge freezer, as there was alreay one at the new home. Thats why we have created a page where items are sold and all money raised will go directly to the Baton. Charity No: 1135897. "The Baton is a symbol of national conscience, crafted with care and respect from the handle of a stretcher – symbolising pride, hope, courage and suffering. Primarily set up for awareness it carries a message of gratitude from those who wish to support the brave men and women of our armed forces who have and do risk their lives so that we may live with freedom of choice, peace and safety." For more information click here. We have just set up this page, there isn't much on here but as time goes on we hope to have a gallery of items for sale which you can purchase. See where the money goes click here.


"We were moving from Berkshire to Devon and wanted a locally based removal company so they didn't have far to travel at the end of a long day. Right from the start we were impressed with Phil and Tania, they were so friendly and welcoming and we just knew we had picked the right people to help us move. Move day came and it wasn't long before a big lorry and a van appeared at our house, with Phil, Tania and Roger. Most of our bits and pieces were already in boxes and crates (we estimated around 140 units) but there are always some things which need some last minute packing and wrapping in addition to the bigger items of furniture, and Tania had a lot of this nailed with us helping too. It's slightly embarrassing that we had the most stuff they'd ever seen coming out of a four bedroom house, but in our defence we hadn't moved for nearly 25 years! We had even done 15 tip runs and various charity shop calls, we're so glad we did! Obviously we had to butter them up a bit so we had platters of sandwiches and pastries on the go all day... and night! The most amazing thing was the way Phil and Roger dealt with our heavy and bulky American style fridge freezer, they had a great way of moving that. We'll be engaging their services again and so will my parents who are hoping to make the same move that we've just done. They have got anywhere near as much stuff as us, so don't panic guys! So, a 5am start, and a 9.30pm finish. You are all super-human. We cannot thank you enough for the expert way you dealt with our move, even bringing a few extra crates. Why are there only five stars available for this review, we would give 50! Linda and Ian."

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