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Its nice when you get to do Wine Tasting at the end of the day :)

7.30 in the morning, the carpet of frost is out and off to Northlew, Oakhampton to collect some wine equipment. It's not the best weather to be handling cold stainless steel (very cold) which is where the thermal grip gloves are a comforting to have.

Wine making equipment collection from Northlew Oakhampton Devon

Afordable Servicews a map of where we have travelled today

Once the tanks and press were loaded onto the van, strapped in, wrapped in blankets and cardboard; it's up country to Attleborough, Norwich Windsor. Luckily instead of snow falling the sun was shining and the ice was melting. It was a good run overall from Oakhampton to Norwich.

On arrival a little snow was still on the ground and not too dark either :)

Everything all unloaded safely and customers happy at both ends. What was even better was we got to try some of the wine that was in the process of being made. The press he had wasn't big enough, hence the large new one.

Home brew making kit

Love this part of the job when you get to engage with customers about hobbies and different subjects. In this case... wine tasting. I only had a sip, just one. My wife drank the rest.

"Thank you Richard for a great 5 star review."

Afordable Services Review feedback after the delivery of wine home brew kit

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