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3 Bed Home from Combe Raleigh, Devon to Salisbury

After a well deserved break over Christmas we've been on the go with several house Removals. But as you know I don't always get to Blog about them all. I've managed to get some pics of one of our smooth moves from a three bed home in Come Raleigh in Devon to Salisbury.

Loading up our vans in Comb Raligh Devon for a three bed house move

We have covers for sofas and white goods which makes such a difference when moving furniture from indoors to the vehicles. Once in the Vans everything still gets wrapped in blankets and strapped in securely.

 Loading a sofa in its waterproof carry bag for protection in Comb Raligh Devon

As the customer was unable to dismantle the bed, they asked us in advance if this was a service we could do, we had no hesitation in being able to help, with our tool bag always on board, this was done quite quickly on the move day.

The drive to Salisbury went well with no major traffic jams. The lovely couple were all moved in by four in the afternoon.

Moving a family into their new home in Salisbury

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