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Going as far North as we can 😧

Here at Afordable Services we are often told that we “Provide a service that goes above and beyond.” This weekend we took our Luton Low Loader up to North Scotland from Hemyock here in Devon, moving a lovely daughter and her mother to their new home.

Afordable Services getting ready in the rain for a long journey to North Scotland

The day started as we expected... rain 🌧. So waterproof coats on, food and drink on the ready and off to Hemyock, Devon to load the vehicle. An 8am start and the customers were also bright and ready for the long day ahead of them.

They were all packed and ready to load, and organised for the journey. Soon their belongings were all loaded and all snug in blankets and secured in with straps. Then as far north as we can go... well almost.

Afordable Services Removals going to Scotland from Devon

The views during our journey were stunning, well when it wasn't raining and we could see through the fog. As you can see the roads changed quite dramatically. The single road track you see below is actually an A road. A very random sight at the fuel station too, a little chick was in the side parking area. Its mum was near by so let it go on its way.

On arrival to Portskerra, Scotland, the family were there to welcome us to their new home with a lovely cup of coffee and the offer of a cooked breakfast 😮 which is always greatly received with us or even a biscuit. Portskerra is on the coast line and is a hamlet that overlooks Melvich Bay in Sutherland, Highland, Scotland. And very stunning it is too.

Removals service moving home to Scotland from Devon

Afordable Services in Scotland

On the journey home, the sun was shinning, well almost and we're able to take some photos to share with you. The job in hand was completed and the Mother and Daughter very happy with their move. All we had to do now was get home. The roads were clear and a straight home run.

We hope you enjoyed our road trip experience as much as we did. If you are moving home anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales, please do give us a call to see how we can help with your move. Give us a call on 01404 890194.

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