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A 2 Bed Home in Honiton into Storage, Exeter

This blog is well overdue, eventually getting some photographs to have some content to Blog about. Time is so precious when moving some ones home from A to B there isn't really much time to stop as you'r keeping a keen eye on the job in hand rather than a photo opportunity.

Need a Removals team for Moving Hme?

On this occasion the lovely lady whom we were moving took some great photos which we have used. The Move was over two days as we were packing the contents of the home as well as the move from Honiton to Storage. The weather didn't start out too great and didn't get much better through out days. And having the opportunity to be indoors packing is always a bonus.

Afordable Services Removals Honiton Devon

We were moving the lady from a 2 Bed home with a couple of full sheds and garden furniture, and taking it to Storage in Exeter into two 100 sq ft units.

Armadillo Self Storage, Exeter

The idea of the two storage units was to put all the home into one, and Shed and outdoor furniture into the other. Unfortunately things don't always goto plan and the home had to overflow into the second unit. As some items were to be accessible over the next six months this was left at the front of the unit to allow access to it (space allowed).

Thank you again for the great pics @brokeneyesphotography.

"Would highly recommend afordable services to anyone moving home, friendly, professional service from start to finish. Tammy was on hand to answer all my questions. I will use their services again when I find my next house, thank you so much you all worked like, great team"

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