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Where do I go from here?

As I sat on the sofa with my hands in my head, just wondering where to go from here. Hoping the glass of wine would help me get my answers.

Where do I go from here. As I sat on the sofa with my hands in my head, just wondering where to go from here. Hoping the glass of wine would help me get my answers.

Three months ago I was in a nine to five dead end job in accounting where each day was the same. Lilly my friend, always there for me said, “Get off the train and just move in another direction”. At this point right now I’d had enough. “You know what” I said “OK let's do this”. An overwhelming feeling of excitement, anxiety and stress (difficult to work out which one is which) but would hopefully be a calming future in a new job.

I got a new job. Entertainment coordinator in a Residential home, only it was 120 miles away. This meant a new home too. “I’m not sure about this? But I can’t go on like I am”. Soon I found a new home only now I had to get there. The last time I moved it was terrible. Dealt with several people leading up to the move day. Things got broken, the guys seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing. It was a dreadful experience.

I didn’t know which way to turn. I Googled several Moving companies but couldn’t get through to anyone to talk too. When I did I felt like just another customer that they had to help having to wait for ages for someone to come round a look at what had to be moved, only to receive an outrageous price over a week later.

I spoke to my friend who recommended Afordable Services Removals

Lilly came round to see how I was coping which wasn’t very well. Whilst Lilly poured that glass of wine, “Have you tried Afordable Services?” “No” I said. “Their lovely, I’ve used them a couple of times and I find Tania so helpful with anything that I have a question about and get a rough quote within half hour of me phoning. Phil is always there on site and he’s the one to come and see you initially”. This sounded like the perfect solution.

I got straight onto the phone and called Afordable Services. As Lilly said, Tania was so helpful I felt the stress leave instantly. It felt like it was all so good to be true, so I googled their reviews. 5 Star rating and the reviews all spoke for them selves. I felt so at ease now that they were taking care of my move for me.

So i gave them a call and spoke to Tania Ford

I got my quote over the phone which was very reasonable. Some of the previous prices I had been quoted we’re double. There again some I got were half. I went with my gut and asked if they could book me in. Phil came round to view and confirmed Tania’s quote and I was ready for my move, feeling safe in my own home.

Tania was so helpful and helped me with all the questions I had along with some much useful advice. I was so pleased. This gave me time to pack everything not needed into boxes. I was calm and ready to carry on dealing with the solicitors and Estate Agents which was enough stress for one day, not alone several.

Phil and Leon were soon round helping me with my move

Seeing Phil’s familiar face, Leon and his team turn up in uniform and in sign written vans, I felt that I had made the right choice. I didn’t have to do anything. Once unloaded Phil ensured my furniture was where I wanted it and left me to unpack. Lilly turned up for moral support. After unpacking my suitcase and camping kit I was able to make us some dinner, cracked open a bottle of wine. Time to chill knowing that after breakfast I could slowly unpack in my own time.

I would definatly use Afordable Services Removals again for a smooth move

Feeling calm and stress free after a smooth move I feel able to look forward to my new exciting job where there are no deadlines and each day is different. I left a Review for Afordable Services to thank them so much for a stress free move and how understanding they were towards my situation. "I will definitely recommend these guys to everyone to help them the way they helped me. "


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